Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kitchen Favorites


I got married last summer and we got so many great kitchen items for wedding gifts!  Now that I've had some time to use these new items, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things (or entire brands) to cook with.

1.  Le Creuset - All of our items are in red but there are so many great colors to choose from.  These produces look great but also hold up well and are dishwasher friendly.  We have two dutch ovens, a couple pans, the utensil set, and the teapot.

2.  Fiestaware & Fiesta flatware - I show the scarlet set but we also have the sets in peacock, sunflower, shamrock, and tangerine.  Fiesta also sells many other kitchen accessories that I own and love but didn't show - soup bowlsplatterssalt & pepper shakers, and many many more.  

3.  KitchenAid mixer - Again, these come in so many great colors (I really loved the pink but my husband wasn't a fan) but we chose red and got the glass bowl.  It works great and also looks fabulous setting on our countertop.  

4.  Zwilling knives - We used our gift cards to buy a knife set.  These knives are so amazing!  They are very sharp and seriously could cut through anything.  The set also looks great setting out on the counter.

5.  Anthropologie candles - I found this candle this week and absolutely love the scent!  I smelled all the candles Anthropologie had for this brand but the crane flower was my favorite!

What are some of your favorite items to use in the kitchen?


  1. I love Anthro candles... just not the prices. Great splurge item :)


  2. I bought a Kitchen Aid mixer about a year ago and it has changed my life! I liked to bake but this has made it so much easier to whip up different recipes! Definitely worth investing in.